Raposa Branca

Commission Information


The world is going through some strange times right now. Most of us are struggling and afraid. So am I. I'm requesting a bit of patience from you. My tunaround time is usually 5-15 days (with a maximum of 30 days) but except in cases where there's any kind of urgency/set date, it might be longer. Thank you very much for understanding.

~ Basic Info & Contact ~

Hello, people! I'm Branca (Mariá), and I have commissions open. You can see my work at:

Sketch Instagram
Portfolio (ArtStation)

(and you can tip me on ko-fi if you'd like!)

You'll receive a first pass sketch so you can check if the poses and sizes are fine, and after that a second pass with lines and colors. Once you're satisfied, you'll get 2 files: a low resolution file (for sharing) and a high resolution file (for your own purposes, but not sharing on the internet - art theft is a thing)

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any doubts or would like more info! =D (and check the Payment Info section for more details about that)

~ Para Brasileiros ~

Os valores em reais são menores que a conversão imediata para dólar, mas são determinados caso a caso e não por tabela. Use esta página para ter uma ideia dos estilos disponíveis e da progressão de preço de um para outro, mas para valores por favor entre em contato por email! :DDD

~ BW/Colored Sketch ~

Bw Sketch:
Half-body: $25
Fullbody: $40

Each extra character or background: +50%

(click images to enlarge)

Colored Sketch:
Half-body: $40
Fullbody: $75

Each extra character or simple background: +50%
Complex background: +100%

(click images to enlarge)

~ Line'n'color ~

Half-body: $80
Fullbody: $100

Each extra character: +50%
Simple background: +75%
Complex background or full scenes: Under consultation

(click images to enlarge)

~ ✦⭒Artsy⭒✦ ~

Half-body: $120
Fullbody: $150

Each extra character: +50%
Background: +50 to 75%
Complex background: Under consultation

(click images to enlarge)

~ Reference sheets ~

Each fullbody position (front, back, etc) + color scheme: $90
Elements (details, scars, hair variations, etc): +$10 each

(click images to enlarge)

~ Pokémon Team Commissions ~

Ever imagined having your own pokémon team portrayed with you in an adorable style, delivered fast and with quality?

Get in touch for a perfect gift for yourself, your friends, your loved ones, or your pokéfriend!!

(If you'd like a different style or a request that doesn't fit the ones listed here, get in touch with me)

(click images to enlarge)


Trainer + Single Pokémon: $60
Each Extra Pokémon/Trainer: +$15
Trainer + Full team (6 Pokémon): $120

Background: +50%


Trainer + Single Pokémon: $90
Each Extra Pokémon/Trainer: +$20
Trainer + Full team (6 Pokémon): $180

Background: +%50

~ NSFW ~

Over any kind of commission (except pokémon) +10%-20% depending on the subject

Yep, I do NSFW art, but only within my the boundaries of my comfort/style. Details are to be decided through e-mail.

~ Payment Rules ~

All transactions are handled through PayPal invoice only. On the invoice you'll find detailed rules and guidelines and if you have any questions, we can talk about it before it's paid.Payments are made upfront, but that can be negociated in some occasions; feel free to talk about it!The values here are for personal commissions, not for any kind of commercial use. If you commission me and later decide you'd like to sell prints, shirts, etc with the artwork as merch, it'll probably be okay if we settle on a renegotiation of the terms of use and payment. Using my artwork for any commercial or illegal use without written consent is liable to legal action.(seriously, read the terms and conditions on the invoice carefully. There has never been any issue in my life regarding commissions, but in order to keep both my clients and myself on the safe side, don't skimp on reading them - it's a contract made to our comfort and safety)All applicable fees/taxes are embbed in the prices above.Changes mid-way through the process (when I already started working on the art) may or may not incur in an extra fee; that's on a case-by-case basisI know I might be sounding intimidating (especially for younger/less experienced commissioners) but I'm an easygoing person, I promise! I just consider it important to lay down the crucial points here. You can ask me anything about the process through e-mail.

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